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The problem &
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An average South African spends approximately 40% of their monthly water bill on the maintenance of their garden.

Forever Lawn is a type of artificial grass that does not require a drop of water to maintain its immaculately green and healthy look. Maintenance-free, No water needed, No moulding.


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Artificial grass from Forever Lawn is the trusted alternative to lush, stunning gardens for homes and businesses. It’s not just about the convenience of having the best lawn instantly and without the hassle, it’s also about the affordability and extra green factor: you save on a significant portion of your water bill and you help save water.

We have a unique partnership with our suppliers. They supply us with high-quality products which in turn means superior quality artificial grass for you. When we assess your needs, we identify and match your requirements to the best available artificial grass solutions.

We are passionate about lawns and how to achieve and maintain stunning gardens with the least possible work involved. Our solutions are tailored, so if you would like to adjust, add or subtract from what we offer you, you are most welcome to do so! Our clients’ satisfaction is a tribute to our success and your preferences are priority.

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A little bit of maintenance

Homeowners should consider the fact that even the no maintenance grass still needs to be brushed ever so often to ensure all the fibers stand upright. There are applications that require silica sand infill to prevent this from happening, but most landscape products are non-infill products.

We will extend the life of your lawn by looking after it for you

MishqahOwner | Managing Director

Lawn Maintenance

The same way you would take care of your lawn before, by mowing and weeding it, you can now take care of your synthetic lawn as well.

Forever Lawn – R300.00 (Once-off), R225.00 recurring -The Forever Lawn service consists of washing down the lawn with an organic mixture to reduce the bacteria and clean down the turf. The team will also refresh on the silica sand infill, and give the turf a power broom make-over to help the strands stand up, making it look almost new again!

Forever Lawns turf can be woven among our pavers and stepping stones to create a beautiful design using both techniques. The plush green accent will make the stone work noticeably stand out giving it a unique image