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The discussion over surfacing solutions became more involved than any of us could have anticipated. While this project was far from our first rodeo, we found it unique and research intensive for one main reason:

Synthetic Lawn.

As we all know, synthetic lawn is no new concept however, with new technology and many more solutions available, it’s a new world out there. And it’s a green one. We approached the subject from all directions in order to eliminate any bias or pre-consensus around what we thought we knew about the old artificial turf.

forever lawn

In the planning and development phase of any project, on-going maintenance of the surface solution always has to be taken into account. We gave a good amount of thought and discussion to the environmental ramifications of the materials we use. In a world where we are talking about going organic and natural, why would we even begin to consider this as an option?

The answer is that by using this new recourse in our surface solution offering, we will become more green and environmentally conscious. The more we investigated the applications, the more we found use for the product offered. With sporting, recreation, landscaping, and urban varieties the sky is the limit.

When approaching any new industry altering technology, we break it down into four main considerations:

  • Durability
    This is always a factor when making any building material decision and though innovative synthetic grass solutions we have found the right balance between durability and appearance. There are various quality options out there and our research has shown that even the more affordable options are far more durable than expected.
  • Appearance
    It goes without saying that the appearance is paramount, and we have found a realistic alternative that is beautiful, comfortable, and authentic. So much care has been put into making these high-end options look so much like the real thing that it becomes difficult to tell it apart from natural lawn.
  • Maintenance
    Soil, sand, and mud were three words that came up in our discussing natural lawn options. When dealing with properties like schools and churches the maintenance staff have to be taken into account and we found in a quick poll with our clients who build and manage these types of properties that watering, mowing, cleaning, and patching natural lawn absorbs a large chunk of the man hours.
  • Cost
    Compared with the other solutions we considered the artificial lawn option turned out to be the most cost effective when taking the reduced maintenance and longevity of the product into mind. We also discovered that there were financing solutions available.
 synthetic lawn

We set out to determine if the synthetic lawn offering would meet with the high standard we set for every project or development. We found that the advancements in technology and the sheer variety of options have re-framed our perspective and concluded the debate.

We have partnered with an industry leader and will be including the synthetic lawn as an option in every project going forward. We hope this account of our experience has offered some assistance to anyone thinking about the world of grass without limits.

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