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Sitting around the table at the governing body meeting, we all realised that there was more to know about the world of synthetic lawn. The subject came up when the school needed to find ways to reduce their water usage. We’ve all experienced the water awakening in Cape Town and need to ensure that we treat this resource with more care going forward.

synthetic lawn


Meeting to decide the way forward

There were more aspects to the synthetic lawn subject than we expected, and we decided to investigate further. Our investigations helped us re-frame our understanding and opinion of the world of artificial lawn. We offer this account of our experience in the hopes that other schools and child care facilities could benefit from what we learned about the world of synthetic lawn.

Who doesn’t like a have a space that looks neat and makes the environment feel attractive and comfortable? With new technology and innovative materials, synthetic lawn has changed a great deal over the last few years and is very different to the old artificial turf we may think of. It was quite daunting to find so many suppliers and contractors in the synthetic lawn business. Not to mention the many varieties of synthetic lawn of the highest quality and authenticity.

With the help and guidance of an industry professional we managed to find the most suitable layout and product for our needs. Factoring in the purpose of the space and the amount of use the lawn will receive. With very little time and effort we were able to find a realistic alternative that is beautiful, comfortable, and authentic

All of us are aware of how allergy concerns have become a major factor, especially with children. With this in mind we were dedicated to creating a safe environment for children to play. With synthetic lawn we were able to do away with allergy issues. An added benefit was there would be no sand, soil or mud to contend with. Well, a reduced amount at least, and that would ensured a cleaner, neater play area.

The synthetic lawn option was beginning to look more appealing and went from an optional solution to the best solution. Along with looking for ways to reduce the water usage of the school, we were also looking to find ways of reducing the costs. The maintenance and upkeep budget would be significantly improved in terms of water cost as well as mowing and cleaning services.

With cost in mind, we went on to look at how synthetic lawn compares to other surfacing solutions available. We found that with all factors considered, synthetic lawn turned out to be one of the most cost-effective solutions in the long term.Durability was always going to be important as we were investing in the future of the school. As is the case with any building material, the higher the quality, the higher the cost. We found that on average that good quality synthetic lawn lasts well over 10 years, depending on the traffic and how well the lawn is maintained.

The subject of artificial lawn turned out to be fascinating in its range of application and the potential it offers to save schools, churches, and other institutions water and money. Equipped with a better understanding of synthetic lawn our governing body was able to come to a come to a definitive conclusion. The conclusion for us was that synthetic lawn is the answer for so many reasons. Having done our due diligence and found a whole new world of potential in the form of synthetic lawn. And it’s a green one indeed.