Save Time And Live Smarter With Synthetic Lawns

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I used to love yard work, I grew up with garden chores such as mowing the lawn, raking up leaves, and the like. The responsibility has shaped my work ethic I’m sure and while the satisfaction of manual labour will always define me, I’m finding that as I grow older, I’m looking for smart ways of living. We decided to renovate our yard this summer and found a smarter way of living in the form of synthetic lawn.

This is one man’s account of how the decision to re-surface his yard with synthetic lawn turned out to be one of the best he’s ever had. Looking to carve out more time to spend with the kids, we decided to upgrade our yard to a low maintenance, resource friendly space. The time and effort spent on maintaining the lawn and sweeping the paving became less appealing and it had reached a point where I didn’t want to even think about my yard anymore.

First of all, we would be doing our bit to save water. We installed a JoJo tank last year as well as refitted our gutters and pool to save as much water as possible. Now, with the synthetic lawn installed, our water usage has been reduced even further. I no longer have a lawn mower to store, service, and repair which is an added benefit.

At the research phase of the project were amazed at the variety of options available. Many more companies are offering synthetic lawn as a surfacing solution and this makes sense in many ways. The technology and materials used to manufacture synthetic lawn have developed over the years and the synthetic lawn of today looks realistic and is hard wearing.


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More Reasons We love Synthetic Lawn

Our dogs are part of the family and were an important consideration when making our choice. We were glad to see them take to their new space. The synthetic lawn has done away with sand, soil, and mud which makes for cleaner dogs and to my utter satisfaction, a cleaner pool as well. The appearance was also very important to us, and we have found a realistic alternative that is comfortable and authentic. So much care has been put into making synthetic lawn look so much like the real thing that it becomes difficult to tell it apart from natural lawn. With the combination of paving and synthetic lawn, we have managed to transform our yard into a picturesque oasis for the whole family.

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